“ For Families with Children: a 7 nights memorable vacation in Florence and Tuscany ”

This is a proposal for Families with children, for Grandparents and Relatives, who wish to offer their children, nephews and friends a real treat in a “de luxe” Villa-Hotel, with special events that children and young people will fully enjoy and remember forever, together with the pleasure of sharing it with them. The villa is
5 miles from the centre of Florence
and has a garden with both a pool and children’s pool – you will be able to have a snack by the pool – summer dinners are served outside by candle-lights-There is a park, where they can play ping pong and use the bicycles while in the medieval courtyard there is a corner with toys for the smaller ones. The villa is 1 hour by car from the sea, the mountains and small cities full of art  like: Pistoia, Pisa, Lucca, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Siena, and The Chianti region.

We propose various excursions, so that you can choose which you consider more interesting for your children- You can decide to do these excursions by yourselves, with your car, or to book a guide if you consider it useful, or even a driver-guide!

A) Florence: Visit to the Stibbert Museum- Mr. Stibbert, an English gentleman left his home with a charming garden and his very impressive collection of ancient arms and armour, both Renaissance and oriental, to the city of Florence. After the visit a walk in the garden, then to the Academy of fine Arts to see the David by Michelangelo and other masterpieces. Then a little walk to see a beautiful square Santissima Annunziata on the way to dream, fly and understand with Leonardo da Vinci, looking at the machines constructed following his famous studies and drawings , at the Museum of the Great Working and Interacting Machines, an imposing and singular institution promoted by WMA (World-wide Museum Activities). Its fantastic !( Image on the left: Leonard's wing trial).

B) Impruneta, the Chianti area and finishing up in Siena: In Impruneta a visit of the terracotta tradition (image on the right) from Brunelleschi’s dome to the present day. Travel through the gorgeous Chianti area, where you will visit the rare oil and wine cellars of a private farm and villa. A light lunch in the farm with local cheeses and specialties, tasting their olive oil and wines. Then, if everyone is not too tired, on to Siena to see the superb square of the “Il Palio” (image on the left) with the fountain by J.della Quercia, the Cathedral and the Opera del Duomo

C) In Florence: The Museum of Prehistory "Paolo Graziosi"(image on the left), a fantastic itinerary: first of all for the youngest ones present, and after that for everybody! Then a walk to the straw market to touch the nose of the “porcellino” A bronze piglet, the legend says that if you touch his nose, you will come back to Florence! – A run in the beautiful Boboli Gardens (image on the center) which can include the Carriage room (image on the right)– or the Silver Museum in the Pitti Palace to see the ancient collections and the jewels of great modern artists. If interested, you can also see the astonishing painting collection in the Palace. After, you cross the Ponte Vecchio to go to Signoria for a delicious hot chocolate in the Square, admiring  Palazzo Vecchio, Florence Town Hall, the fountains and the magnificent sculptures in the square. There is also the possibility of a carriage ride to the Cathedral.

D) 1 full day excursion to Collodi, and Pisa.  The park of Pinocchio is in the nearby Collodi Gardens, the famous Toyland, in a large space with modern sculptures representing his story.  There is a Light lunch there, and a look at the outstanding gardens of Villa Garzoni. After all these emotions, a swim in the Mediterranean Sea! Then on to Pisa to see the leaning tower and the Miracle square. (On the left: Miracle square, Pisa - On the right: Pinocchio’s whale!)

E) Cooking together! The owner of a XVI century villa, at a five-minute walk from Villa Villoresi, will give you a cooking lesson in the family kitchen. You start by picking vegetables and aromatic plants from her vegetable garden, then she will give you some information about Florentine cooking and table decoration and finally you will prepare a full lunch of your choice together, eating with her and her family what you have cooked!

F) To Calenzano and fishing at the base of the Apennines:  A first stop to see the Museum of the Historical Figures at Calenzano: Miniature soldiers, flags- uniforms- arms and armatures, a small charming collection. Then on to fish in a lake, at the base of the Apennines and a light lunch there. After if you are interested, you can go to a private farm and villa, in the beautiful countryside,to see how olive oil is made and have a walk in the wood Particularly in November, when olive oil is made.

G) 1 half day excursion: to see the Museum of History of Science: which has a precious collection of scientific instruments, from Medici times to the last century, texts, manuscripts, especially by Galileo Galilei. Then a look at the Italian primitives and Renaissance paintings, in the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world and while the adults keep on looking at other parts of the gallery, the children can go out to have their caricature portrait drawn  or go near Ponte Vecchio for an ice cream! 

H) The Garden of Archimedes at San Bartolo a Cintoia (Firenze): is the first museum ever to be completely dedicated to mathematics and its applications, a place where you can approach mathematics in an interactive way, without formulas and formalism, overcoming in this way incomprehension and fears. It consists of 3 trial courses:

1° “ Beyond the compass. Geometry of curves” the exhibit is completely interactive and can be of  benefit at different levels from elementary to university students or an adult public.
2° "Pythagoras and his theorem” throughout a serial of puzzles the visitor will discover the facets of the very famous theorem.
3° "A bridge on the Mediterranean” illustrating the passage of mathematics from the Arab world to  medieval Europe.

I) Half day to Prato to see the old city centre and the very modern Museum of planetary sciences. The scientific project is conceived to facilitate access to information by extensive application of images, videos, multimedia etc. and is suitable for all kinds of students or visitors. The "quadrisfera"(image on the left), where you can take part in a multiple projection that talks about the events going from the formation of the universe and of the solar system, till the birth of life on our planet through sounds and suggestive images (image on the right). Minerals and a little shop make the trip interesting, varied and pleasant.

You will be staying at the Hotel Villa Villoresi:  It’s a special place! Where you will feel at home, enjoying the elegant, relaxing atmosphere of the noble Tuscan country villas!

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