D/7 “ Palaces, Villas and Gardens in Florence and Tuscany with Special Events”

Villa Villoresi: the garden with 100 pots of lemon trees!

It’s a proposal for individuals or those travelling with a small group of friends, from 1 to 16 people, with a common love for Palaces, Villas and Gardens ,and who wish to discover what is beyond the facade of some gorgeous private properties, with privileged access to artist studios and secret gardens. A beautiful way to understand a culture, a way of living, to meet different people and to enjoy the splendour of the Tuscan countryside! 

The villa has a historical designed Italian garden full of lemon trees, roses and wild orange-trees and is surrounded by a park. A swimming pool was added in the sixties, when the villa was turned into a hotel -It is located 5 miles/8Km. from the centre of Florence, but seems miles away from the congestion of the city - In 1 hour by car, you can reach the sea, the mountains and small cities, full of art, like: Pistoia, Pisa, Lucca, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Siena, The Chianti area. 

We propose the following excursions, sso that you can choose which one you consider more interesting –  on request, we can make reservations for you where needed and give you information about how to reach the different places - You can do these excursions by yourselves, with your own car or reserve a guide if you consider it useful, or a driver-guide, when you want to relax totally!  

A) 1 full day excursion to Quinto, Fiesole and Florence: to see a Medici villa “ La Petraia” (image on the left), the garden and the King’s apartments, then to Fiesole an Etruscan city, later dominated by Rome, when the Romans built the city of Florence below. The Cathedral, the Roman Amphitheatre which is still functioning, the Archaeological Museum with pieces dating from the 3rd century B.C. It is possible to have a light lunch in the main square before going to see the gorgeous garden of a private villa in Settignano. (image on the right). Then passing through enchanting panoramic streets to Florence to The Uffizi, the world famous gallery for Primitives and Renaissance paintings. Special Event: at the Academy of Perfumes, in a private Florentine palace to be seduced by the power of perfume and discover certain scents. Presentation of the Art of Perfumery and a drink with a spectacular view of the city. Reservation needed. Possibility of shopping in the palace.

B) A full day excursion to Camigliano, Lucca and PisaA special visit to discover a private villa with a gorgeous designed garden. Then to see the city of Lucca (image on the left), of roman origin, with beautiful cathedrals, palaces and the famous  walls, later Elisa Bonaparte the sister of Napoleon was the princess of Lucca. Then a swim in the Mediterranean sea and a light lunch before going to Pisa to see the leaning tower and the Miracle’s square, a declared wealth for humanity, with the marble of the Romanic cathedral built between the 1063 and 1118, the pulpit by G.Pisano and the leaning tower. (image on the right).

C) 1 full day in Florence and nearby: the Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano (image on the left), that Lorenzo dei Medici wanted to have built following the design by Giuliano da San Gallo, with frescoes by A.del Sarto, Allori e Pontormo. Then to Florence for a light lunch before going to visit the Palatine Gallery at Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens with the grotto by Buontalenti, the Venus by Giambologna and a copy of the Prisoners by Michelangelo, now at the Academy, but originally done to be located here, other sculptures and beautiful fountains in the garden- (image on the right) If booked in time, a Special Event: the director of the Silver Museum of Pitti Palace, will give you a guided visit, demonstrating the work of ancient silversmiths, other collections, and will show the recent acquisitions of modern jewellery, speaking about “ Jewellery from M. Luisa de ’ Medici, to the great artists of today"

D) A full day in Impruneta, the Chianti area and Siena: a special visit at Impruneta “ The terracotta tradition from Brunelleschi to the present day: an artisan while he is working at cotto vases and decorations that are used in so many gardens in Tuscany ”. Travel through the Chianti area (image on the left), where you will visit the rare oil and wine cellars of a private farm and villa. A light lunch in the farm with local cheeses and specialties, tasting their olive oil and wines. Then to San Galgano, to see an extraordinary gothic Cistercians cathedral and to Siena, the city of the Palio, the famous Piazza del Campo (image on the right).

E) 1 full day in Florence to see Beato Angelico at San Marco and Michelangelo’s David (1501-1505) (image on the right) and other masterpieces at the Academy. Then to Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the family home of Lorenzo the Magnificent, to see a small chapel painted by B. Gozzoli, one of the Kings is Lorenzo. A walk to see the Cathedral, the Baptistery with its golden doors and Giotto’s bell tower (image on the center).  A light lunch in town and a Special event: in a gorgeous Villa with a garden and a fantastic view over the city to see the recently opened collection of paintings by Pietro Annigoni and the new Roberto Capucci High Fashion Foundation in Florence, his creations, drawings, total enjoyment! (image on the left) .

F) 1 full day in Florence: 2 Palaces and 2 Special Events: first to see Palazzo Davanzati (image on the left), to have an idea of a Florentine home in 1300, the palace was built around 1300 and through different rich merchant families, arrived to the Davanzati, in 1578. The kitchen is on the top floor, to avoid smells and vapours of food and to have a rapid exit in case of fire, and still contains the original ancient instruments. Then to see Orsammichele, Bargello (image on bottom-left) and the Opera del Duomo. Then to see Santa Croce: a Franciscan basilica, started in 1252, decorated by Agnolo and Taddeo Gaddi, Giotto, Ghilrlandaio, Donatello and Andrea Della Robbia and more. It is a prestigious symbol of Florence and hold the tombs of its great artists.

You will be staying at the Hotel Villa Villoresi:  It’s a special place! Where you will feel at home, enjoying the elegant, relaxing atmosphere of the noble Tuscan country villas!

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