F/7 “ For Ladies especially, but not only !
The pleasure of discovering: Arts, Crafts, Traditions, Fashion, Jewellery, Perfumes and Shopping in Special places in Florence and Tuscany”

This proposal is especially for ladies and for those people with great aesthetic sense, small groups of friends and couples, from 1 to 16 people wishing to dedicate some time to: art, craft, traditions, fashion, jewellery, perfumes and shopping. A driver-guide, if you wish, will make your trip easy and exciting. A unique, fascinating, exclusive opportunity to enjoy Florence and the splendour of the Tuscan countryside!

The Villa has a formal garden, full of lemon trees and roses and is surrounded by a park- In the sixties, when the villa was turned into a hotel, a very pleasant swimming pool was inserted in the garden. 5 miles/8Km. from the centre of Florence, the villa seems miles away from the congestion of the city  - In 1 hour by car, you can reach:  the sea, the mountains and small cities full of art, like: Pistoia, Pisa, Lucca, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Siena, The Chianti area, without crossing the city.

We propose the following excursions, so that you can choose which one you will consider more interesting – On request, we can make reservations for you where its needed and give you information about how to reach the different places - You can do these excursions by yourselves, with your car, or reserve a guide if you consider it useful or a driver-guide, when you want to relax totally! 

A) 1 full day in Florence: The church of S.Maria Novella (image on the right) to admire  Brunelleschi’s Christ in wood, the Trinity by Masaccio and much more- then to the cloister of Ognissanti to see Ghirladaio’s last supper - Light lunch in town- After we cross the river to see Masolino and Masaccio’s frescoes, teacher and disciple, two works facing each other in the Cappella Brancacci at S.M. Del Carmine (images on the left). The church of Santo Spirito, the last work by Brunelleschi, with masterpieces by Filippino Lippi, Buontalenti, and more, as well as the first sculpture by Michelangelo, 20 years old, a Christ in wood. Light lunch in the area - A walking tour to see the antique dealers’ streets and the great artisans’ workshops, to go to Pitti Palace and to the Boboli Gardens. If booked in time, a Special Event: the director of the Silver Museum of Pitti Palace, will give you a guided visit, demonstrating the work of ancient silversmiths, other collections, and will show the recent acquisitions of modern jewellery, speaking about “ Jewellery from M. Luisa de ’ Medici, to the great artists of today."


B) 1 full day Excursion to see an Outlet, the “Cotto "at Impruneta, the Chianti area and finally Siena: first to The Mall with Armani - Gucci – Fendi - Ferragamo – Valentino and others (images on the left), which represents one of the spaces that those who love dressing very well and like Italian style and important brands, have to visit. It is at Incisa Valdarno, close to Florence and easy to reach by the A1 highway.

Then to Impruneta, a small city, keeping the terracotta tradition from Brunelleschi to the Italian gardens and homes of today, to see an artisan while he is working at "cotto" vases and decorations. There is the possibility of having some pieces shipped back home! Travel through the Chianti area, for a Special Event: you will visit the rare oil and wine cellars of a private farm and villa, have a light lunch in the farm with local cheeses and specialties, tasting their olive oil and wines. Then if possible, to Siena (fourth image on the right), the see the superb square of the “Il Palio” with the fountain by Jacopo della Quercia, the Cathedral and at the Opera del Duono to see the Maestà by Duccio.

C) In Florence to see Beato Angelico at San Marco and Michelangelo’s David and other masterpieces at the Academy. Then to Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the family home of Lorenzo the Magnificent, to see a small chapel painted by B. Gozzoli, one of the Kings is Lorenzo. Light lunch in town. The Uffizi Gallery the world’s most famous collection of primitives and Renaissance paintings, and much more. If booked in time, a Special Event: at the Academy of the Art of Perfumes, in a private Florentine palace to be seduced by the power of perfume and discover certain scents. Presentation of the Art of Perfumery and a drink with a spectacular view of the city. Possibility of shopping in the palace.

 < Venus By Botticelli > Beato Angelico       The kings Chapel frescoed by Benozzo Gozzoli >   

D) Full day excursion, to explore the Mugello area, Scarperia ad Leccio: first to Scarperia, a world famous place for the best cutting instruments. Then McArthur Glen at Barberino, where you will find more than 25000 m2 of retail area, this new outlet has been designed according to characteristic Mugello and Tuscany architecture, has more than 90 shops with the best brands of all types of fashion products from the previous season at prices cut by 30 to 70%. Possibility of combining shopping and Golf, going to the nearby Golf Country Club Poggio dei Medici, an oasis of relaxation and extraordinary scenery .

E) 1 full day excursion to Lucca, Pietrasanta and Pisa:  We go to Lucca, of roman origin, to see the beautiful cathedrals, the palaces and the walls. Much later Elisa Bonaparte the sister of Napoleon was the princess of Lucca and we can still see her traces. Light lunch in Lucca -Then to Pietrasanta, an important centre for all marble processing, to see the laboratories, the shops and the sculptures of modern artists, coming here from all over the world to reproduce or make their sculptures in marble. Then to Pisa: to see the Miracle square, a declared heritage of humanity- the marbles of the Romanic cathedral, built between 1063 and 1118, the pulpit of G.Pisano and the leaning tower.

F) 1 full day in Florence and nearby - 1 special event:
the Church of Santa Croce, a Franciscan basilica, started in 1252, decorated by Agnolo and Taddeo Gaddi, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Donatello, Andrea Della Robbia and more, but also to see the Leather School, where artisans produce all kinds of leather goods in front of you, that you can also buy. A walk to see the Cathedral, Baptistery and the Opera del Duomo. Light lunch in town. The street of the elegant shops, Tornabuoni Street and a visit to some special shops which respect ancient traditions. Then a Special Event: In a gorgeous Villa with a garden and a fantastic view over the city to see a collection of paintings by Pietro Annigoni and the new Roberto Capucci High Fashion Foundation in Florence, with some of his creations, drawings, true enjoyment!

You will be staying at the Hotel Villa Villoresi:  It’s a special place! Where you will feel at home, enjoying the elegant, relaxing atmosphere of the noble Tuscan country villas!

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