The great artisans, the artists, antique dealers, places of harmony and traditions in Florence and Tuscany: unique, precious and amusing discoveries!

If Florence around the world is considered a sort of laboratory of great art, this is certainly due to its great artists, but also because it has been and still is, a city of trades, knowledge, and of great artisans.
You will be in touch with these trades and artisans: with the very best, those who are stimulated by the very difficulty of a request: their energy and creativeness responding to particular demands.

We propose a stay at Villa Villoresi, Florence, Italy. As we would like to make it pleasant and interesting, we have included the possibility of visits that have been studied thinking of these professionals and artists; for those looking forward to precious points of reference for their work, with various specific interests, as our proposals will be different for each professional and artist, while enhancing the curiosity for other techniques and knowledge for everybody.

We think it could be interesting to create a precious exchange between your ideas and the creativity of those that can interpret and realize them!

Business visits will be done individually and if you tell us what you are looking for, you will find the specific contacts on your arrival. Other visits and excursions could be done together, combining the discovery of different techniques and traditions which are culturally very enriching, with visits to private and public places of great beauty and pure enjoyment for all! 

We will tell you about the most beautiful and interesting places you will be able to see if you wish, in the different areas for your own specific interests: museums, churches, fairs, gardens and more, to combine profit and pleasure! We think that the personalities you will meet, the techniques you will discover as well as the objects, materials, spaces and lights you will see, with their evocative strength, can certainly become a useful instrument for your work, but also an extraordinary source of inspiration, offering many different and new prospectives.

You will stay at a Villa-Hotel of great historical, architectonic and artistic interest, that has always been a meeting point for artists of all the arts and for people loving beauty, with the pleasure of sharing it with fellow man from all over the world.

The management will be able to give information to those looking for:

Antique dealers with different specialties.
- The great artisans such as: wood carvers and guilders.
- Creators of chandeliers on old designs or very modern - The masters of Scaiola.
- The great artisans of embossed copper, iron and bronze, of special lanterns.
- The specialists for lacquered furniture, bookbinders and frame makers, working for Museums and private collections all over in the world.
- Specialists in different techniques such as: Fresco, Tempera, Mosaics and Restoration that could illustrate them directly at the villa, so that you can understand the possible applications and order what you are looking for if you so desire.

- The specialist of Artistic Fusions of all dimensions, for interiors and exteriors: from fountains and statues, to the realisation of artist’s projects today.
- The artisan specialized in: Glass and Crystal grinding, in handles and keys – furniture from the thirties to the fifties– Florentine Mosaic and Marble.
- Modern Fabrics for decoration and a company with ancient looms still producing design and colours of different periods.
                                             - Those that can paint Trompe l’oeil and Fresco – that paint doors as in different epochs or on actual design- Antiquarian Bookshop and a great publisher reproducing very rare cods

Without forgetting the antique dealers fairs, the wines and the cuisine, art, high fashion and perfumes in Florence and in the Tuscan countryside!

The Entrance Gallery

The Renaissance Loggia

The Reception

We propose the following excursions, so that you can have an idea of what you could choose and consider more interesting for you –To have a complete image of all possibilities, one could do them all! In this case you would need a 7 nights stay- * Look at   special rates for 7 nights – On your request, we can make reservations for you where needed and give you information about how to reach the different places - You can do these excursions by yourselves, with your car, or reserve a guide if you consider it useful or a driver-guide, when you don’t want to loose time looking for places and prefer to concentrate on other things, or a minibus if you will be travelling with friends and prefer to relax totally! 

Basilica of  Santo Spirito

A) The left side of the River Arno, “Oltrarno” in Florence, throughout the streets of the antique dealers, beautiful streets where the great palaces alternate with the workshops in a vital exchange.

You will see:
Antique dealers, artisan wood carvers, creators of artistic chandeliers, Masters of “Scaiola”, Embossed copra specialist, a special Blacksmith, Stars and lantern creator, Bronze smith, specialist in lacquered furniture’s and book binders. 

In this area we suggest a visit to: the Basilica of Santo Spirito, Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens.

Especially for Ladies: the Silver Museum at Pitti Palace to see the ancient silver collections, other collections and jewels from M. Ludovica de’ Medici to the contemporary great artists.

Palace designed by Buontalenti

A great book binder

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The Dance- Marinelli’s Fusion

B) The right Side of the Arno River in Florence: passing among other antique dealers and streets with great artisans:

You will see: Antique dealers: a great artisan for artistic Fusions-  Bronze smiths of handles and keys, Frame makers, all at the top in their field

In this area we suggest a visit to: 
1) In the Church of Ognissanti, the Courtyard and the Last Super by Ghirlandaio 2) Santa Maria Novella, with masterpieces by great artists, from the XII century on.

GHIRLANDAIO, Domenico?(b. 1449, Firenze, d. 1494, Firenze)??Last Supper?1480?Fresco, 400 x 880 cm?Ognissanti, Florence??This version of the Last Supper, executed in the refectory of the convent of the Ognissanti was executed in the same year as the St Jer

Last Supper of Ghirlandaio at Ognissanti

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Impruneta: Reproduction in terracotta of a fountain by Verrocchio

C) A full day excursion to Barberino Val D’Elsa, Impruneta and the Chianti! 

You will see: a Foundry, a Glass and Cristal engraver, and the Terracotta productions.
After: Wine and olive oil in a beautiful private farm and villa in the splendour of Chianti countryside"!

Detail of a fresco by Piero della Francesca


D) A full day excursion to Arezzo and Cortona: the antique’s dealers, the artisans, fairs, art and Special Events!

Places to visit in Arezzo: at the Saint Francis Cathedral, to see the outstanding fresco’s cycle of Piero della Francesca.

Date to remember in Arezzo:

The first Sunday of every month: antique’s trade in the square!

The first Sunday of September: the big Antique’s trade and the joust of Saracen (La giostra del Saracino).

At Cortona:
located between Arezzo, Siena and the Trasimeno Lake.
From August 26th to September 10th: Antique’s dealers fair.

Arezzo – The “ Giostra del Saracino”

E) First in the centre of Florence to see a very ancient structure turned into a Museum of Modern Art.

 To be seen absolutely: The Uffizi Gallery, the most important Gallery for Primitive and Renaissance paintings and more!

Then Florence from the top of a hill: forms, spaces, colours of nature and of the city, contrasts capable of creating an incredible harmony. A Church started in the year one thousand, with white and green marbles, dominating the city.

Afternoon, back to the city centre, through charming panoramic streets for  2 Special Events to be booked ahead: 1) High Fashion of Roberto Capucci  2) Perfumes at the Academy of Perfumes, in a private palace with an incredible view on the city. Possibility of shopping in the palace. A real enjoyment!

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Villa Bardini - High Fashion Foundation Roberto Capucci

Basilica of San Miniato al Monte

Florence, Marino Marini Museum

Michelangelo’s David

F) Florence: Art and Shopping!  The leather School at Santa Croce, where artisans produce directly in front of you all kind of leather goods that you can also buy.

To be seen nearby: the Franciscan Basilica of Santa Croce, the Church of the greats, a symbol of Florence, to see the whole complex, Giotto and great art, beauty and history.

Then: one of the most important sculpture’s collection in Florence and not only: Michelangelo at the Academy of Fine Arts

Shopping: Tornabuoni Street and the most elegant shops keeping and renewing the ancient tradition in the centre of Florence.

The leather School at the Monastery of Santa Croce

Basilica di Santa Croce


Marble manufacture in Pietrasanta



G) A full day excursion to Lucca, Pietrasanta and Pisa: we go to Lucca, of roman origin, to see the beautiful cathedrals, the palaces and the walls. Much later Elisa Bonaparte the sister of Napoleon was the princess of Lucca and we can still see her traces.  If somebody is interested in numismatics, Lucca holds the most ancient collection of coins in Europe. Light lunch in Lucca –Then to Pietrasanta, an important centre for all marble processing, to see the laboratories, the shops and the sculpture of modern artists, coming here from all over the world to reproduce or make their sculptures in marble.

Then to Pisa: to see the Miracle square. A Declared heritage for humanity, the marbles of the Romanic Cathedral, built between 1063 and 1118, the pulpit of G.Pisano and the leaning tower. 

If you have a little time, a swim in the Mediterranean sea!

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