The Hotel Villa Villoresi is a Villa- Hotel, full of history, culture and art, that from very remote times has attracted lovers of beauty, great spaces, the green and the harmony of its architecture- In fact it has been always a meeting place for artists from all over the world, that were delighted of its harmony and loved to work, to live, to meet their friends at the villa, enjoying the kitchen and the good company.

Here under, some rooms frescoed by different artists in different periods:

The following can be organised in cooperation with Travel Agencies:

1) Stages -  Courses - Long stays for Writers

2) Special Cultural Programs for small groups of 10 to 24 people are studied and proposed on request.

3) Special Events and Itineraries, near the Villa, in Florence and Tuscany, are proposed on request to make our guests’ stay more interesting and pleasant, whether they travel by themselves, as a couple or with friends.

The idea behind all these proposal is to offer our guests also the possibility of being received in private palaces, villas and secret gardens- of meeting remarkable personalities and artists, the great artisans keeping and evolving the ancients traditions in arts, perfumes, high fashion, music, wines and cuisine – as well as the possibility of visiting public and private collections in Florence and in the enchanting Tuscan country side.

1) Stages -  Courses – Long Stays:

Following the request of Painters, Sculptors, Musicians and Artists of all arts, travelling with their students and friends or whoever wishes to teach, for a certain period in a different country, the Hotel allows suitable spaces at the Villa to be used for these activities at no extra cost, with students of any age.

B) People   staying at the Villa who wish to learn a technique, from some great Florentine artisans and artists, such as: design and painting techniques, Fresco, Tempera, Mosaics and Restoration, will profit from the  special rates and have the possibility of learning different techniques from great specialists directly at the villa, in small groups of 6 to 16 people.

C) Writers and Authors, wishing to stay in a peaceful space to work for a long period, will find a large room in the tower or somewhere else in the villa equipped with what they need and will profit from special rates!

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2) Special Cultural Programs:

Following the request of Museums, Academies, Cultural Institutes, Clubs and Associations, with the cooperation of Travel Agents in different part of the world, we have studied Special Programs to be able to propose to small groups of 10 to 24 people, who share a common interest in specific arguments, with lectures, Conferences and Visits, guided by highly qualified people…. Some examples follow below:

a) PS A1/7  “The Splendor of Florence beyond the facade” the art of living in Florence and Tuscany from the Renaissance to present times.

b) PS A2/7 “ A Taste of Italy Art and Nature, Villas and Gardens, Wines and Cooking, Traditions in: Terracotta, Fashion, Jewels and Perfumes!

On request, we are now studying the following programs:

PS A3/7  "ARTS  & CREATIVITY" Discover the creativity and the art of the Tuscan people comparing the treasures of the ancient collections with the art of the great designer and craftsmen of today.

PS A4/7  "MUSICAL LIFE and THOUGHT of the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE" Airs, dances, Songs and madrigals in the Italy of the XVIth century.

PS A5/7 "SCIENCES in FLORENCE between the XV and THE XVII century "  To discuss how the Renaissance period in Florence was especially fertile in the field of sciences, the development of Sciences from Humanism to Galileo. Visits to specific collections in Florence and Tuscany.

PS A6/7 "SAVONAROLA and LORENZO " The object of the course is to reveal the political, social and religious aspects of the Medici's age, to show the ideal and real spaces for civil and religious events in Florence and surroundings.

For more information, please ask your travel agent or contact us directly throughout E-mail.

a view of Florence

3) Stays with Special Events:

For people travelling by themselves or with a small group of friends, groups of only men or only women, in couples or with the family, for 1 to 16 people who are staying at the Villa from 3 to 7 nights and who would like to devote some of their time to something special, we have studied some Special Events, Visits and Excursions in Florence and Tuscany. The different possibilities are interesting, fun and enjoyable,  and can be undertaken  independently with your own car, or with a guide or driver-guide if so preferred.

If advised in time, the direction of the hotel will be very pleased to make the reservations for you when they are needed.

We have tried to imagine what could be more interesting:

A) For Families with children

B) For Sports and Nature Lovers

C) For lovers of Life

D) For perople interested in Palaces, Villas and Gardens,

E) Following the footsteps of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio, from Florence to the Cinque Terre

F) For ladies especially, but not only!

G) Enjoy and reawaken your spirit throughout beauty…

H) For your Wedding and Honey-moon.

I) For those looking for “A taste of Italy, in Florence and Tuscany!”

L) For Designers, Creative, Artists, Architects, Collectors, Interior and Exterior Designers: the great artisans, the artists, the antique’s dealers, places of harmony and traditions- precious and amusing discoveries!

M) Half day guided tour, either morning or afternoon, for people interested in:
1) the Anglo Florentines; Private Collections in Florence from the nineteenth and twentieth century
2) A Jewish Tour, through roads and squares on the trace of the Jewish community in Florence.
3) A private drink in private villas and gardens, conversing with the owners about history, culture, the present day and the past. A different way to get to know and understand Florenxe "off stage".

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