2) Special Cultural Programs for small groups:

On request of Museums, Academies, Cultural Institutes, Clubs and Associations, with the cooperation of Travel Agents in different part of the world, we have studied study and we propose Special Programs only for small groups of 10 to 24 persons, with common interests for specific arguments that will be treated with Lectures, Conferences and Visits, guided by persons of great level.

Some examples follows below:

a) PS A1/7  “The Splendor of Florence beyond the facade” the art of living in Florence and Tuscany from Renaissance to present times.

b) PS A2/7 “ A Taste of Italy Art and Nature, Villas and Gardens, Wines and Cooking, Traditions in: Terracotta, Fashion, Jewels and Perfumes!

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On request, we are now studying the following programs:

PS A3/7  "Arts & Creativity" Discover the creativity and the art of the Tuscan people comparing the treasures of the ancient collections with the art of the great designer and craftsmen of today.

PS A4/7  "Musical life and thought of the Italian Renaissance" Airs, dances, Songs and madrigals in the Italy of the XVIth century.

PS A5/7 "Sciences in Florence between the XV and THE XVII century "  To discuss how the Renaissance period in Florence was especially fertile in the field of sciences, the development of Sciences from Humanism to Galileo. Visits to specific collections in Florence and Tuscany.

PS A6/7 "Savonarola and Lorenzo " The object of the course is to reveal the political, social and religious aspects of the Medici's age, to show the ideal and real spaces for civil and religious events in Florence and surroundings.

For more information, please ask your travel agent or contact us directly throughout E-mail.

a view of Florence