The Hotel Villa Villoresi, on request of Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Artists of all arts – on request of Persons interested in learning a technique, on request of Writers and Authors, staying at the villa, offers free and put at their disposal suitable spaces to develop their activities.

A)  Painters, Sculptors, Musicians and Artists of all arts, travelling with their students and wishing to teach them in a different country or city for a period of time, will profit from special rates and of free suitable spaces of the villa, to develop their activities, with all age while staying at the Villa.

B) People   stayng at the Villa who wish to learn a technique, from some great Florentine artisans and artists, such as: design and painting techniques, Fresco, Tempera, Mosaics and Restoration, will profit from the special rates and have the possibility of learning the different techniques from great specialists directly at the villa, where they will be staying in small groups of 6 to 16 people.


Guido Botticelli working on a fresco



C) Writers and Authors, wishing to stay in a peaceful space to work for a long period, will find a large room in the tower or somewhere else in the villa equipped with what they need and will profit from special rates!

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