Sports you can do at the villa or in the neighbourhood: Swimming - Jogging - Ping-Pong - Bicycle - Tennis - Golf - Walking and Flying with a Montgolfier!

Many people enjoy doing a little sport in the Tuscan countryside, it is always pleasant, after a day of work or visiting museums, to come back to the Villa, have a swim, drink an aperitif before dining in the park – It is possible and pleasant to do some jogging in the little back streets behind the Villa, or when some fresh air flows down from the Apennines, it can be amusing to play ping-pong in the park. You can rent a bicycle and go on a tour in the countryside and in the city.

Golf Club “Ugolino”

The Villa Medicea garden of Castello

Arrival of the Ferrari at the villa

In the neighbourhood there are many other possibilities such as:


there are some Tennis courts, 5 minutes walk from the Villa, others at 5 minutes by car

You can go on short bike trips too.


there are several Golf Clubs at a small distance, such as:

- the “Ugolino Sporting Club “ 20 minutes, by car

- the “Golf Club Le Pavoniere” near Prato about 10 Km away.

- the “Golf Club Poggio ai Medici “ in Mugello, at about 20 Km. All in gorgeous settings.


Promenade - Walking Tours and Adventures:

you can go on some pleasant walks near the Villa or walking tours accompanied by experienced guides, kowledgeable in the sites, combining as well local genuine local food.
Some Examples:

- A walking guided tour at “ Colli Alti” the high Hills: a panoramic street connecting Sesto Fiorentino with Fiesole and Florence, through Mount Morello, reaching 600 mt. in heights.

- A walking guided tour following an archaeological and panoramic path through woods and Etruscan tombs - Height difference mt. 450, in about 4/5 hours, not too difficult!

- Other excursions of this type are available either of medium difficultiy or for well-trained people.

One day in the Mugello area:

Transfer by car to Mugello, a guided walking tour in the woods, and a visit to a breeder of cows who respects natural biological rhythms, to a horse breeder, followed by a good lunch in the area and, to complete the trip, a visit to the house of Giotto.

Flying with a Hot Air Balloon: flights of various length, with full assistance, transfers from the villa to the place of take of and back, food tasting on arrival, all assuming weather and wind conditions allow the flight to take place!